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enid fucking coleslaw


a place to fight off all the lions

that keep gnashing at our throats

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30 Days of LJ - Day 25: Your Day, In Great Detail
enid fucking coleslaw
08:00: Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.
09:00: Finally wake up after hitting snooze six times.
09:15: After my morning pee and face wash, I take Lilly & Silas for a walk.
10:00: Fed Lilly & Silas and then showered.
10:20: Watched Wedding Crashers for an hour.
11:15: Put together food for the day.
11:45: Went to my mom's (when I work out of town for the day, I bring Lilly & Silas to her place).
12:00: Drove to Leduc for work.
12:45: Arrived 15mins late. Fucking shit.
14:45: Went on my 15min break. Ate an apple & cottage cheese.
15:00: James called, so I talked to him as I went back to work. I'm not supposed to do this, but one of the great things about my job is that I sign in at whatever store I'm assigned to that day, and most managers don't even know who I am. They just think I'm another customer. So, I can talk on my cell & text to my heart's content.
15:40: Got off the phone when I realized that I had been on the phone for almost 45mins.
17:00: Went on my lunch/dinner break. I had my delicious sandwich (multi-grain bread, iceberg lettuce, roasted red pepper cream cheese, and 'chicken'), and an orange.
17:30: Went back to work. I finally thought I saw someone shoplifting, so I followed them for a bit.
18:15: They didn't steal a thing.
19:00: Realized that I was actually supposed to be at work at noon. I read my co-workers schedule instead of my own. AWESOME. I only have an hour and a half left of work and still have on break left, so I take it. Almonds & raspberry yogurt for a snack!
19:15: Back to work.
20:30: I sign out and head back to Edmonton.
21:15: I get to my mom's place and visit with her for a bit.
21:45: I decide I shoulder head home.
22:00: I get home, and hop in the shower.
22:15: I make my food for the next day.
22:45: Take Lilly & Silas for a quick walk before bed.
23:05: Get home and try to get some sleep.
03:00: Finally fall asleep. Fucking insomnia.

I live a very boring life.