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enid fucking coleslaw


a place to fight off all the lions

that keep gnashing at our throats

30 Days of LJ - Day 27: Your Month, In Great Detail
enid fucking coleslaw
Since I'm writing this on the 17th, I'll start from the 17th of last month, but one week at a time.

April 17th - April 24th: Went to see Hot Tub Time Machine with my mom. Bought a ticket to see Henry Rollins. I had a job interview, but I decided not to take the job. I got an arrest. Bought the new Coheed & Cambria album. Mike came over and made me fall for him even more and didn't even realize it. Bought an iPhone (named her Matilda). Visited Sarah.
April 25th - May 2nd: Slept more than any human being should (about 11 hours every night). I went to see The Backup Plan with my mom. Became incredibly obsessed with Matilda. I made two apple pies. Rented Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (and loved it). I also rented Defendor and watched it with my mom. Mike had to cancel plans one night because he was moving, but he surprised me and came over another night instead.
May 3rd - May 10th: I went to see Kick Ass with my mom (fell in love with Hit Girl). Got my ticket to see Henry in the mail. It snowed. Rented New York, I Love You. Made plans with Mike for the next week. Went out for dinner with Erinne (I bought new heart shaped sunglasses). Arrested a woman my age who had her two-year-old daughter with her.
May 11th - May 17th: I went out for lunch with Rona, and old friend from junior high. I saw Mike for the last time and I cried to the point where my head hurt. I hung out with Cole the next night, in which I had pizza that was too spicy. I pre-ordered my tickets to see Sex & the City 2 on the 28th (I'm taking Rona). Made an appointment to finally donate blood. Caught a 12-year-old who was trying to steal a $100 Visa giftcard.