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I'm attempting Project 365 again, so if you're interested you can see my pictures here. They aren't the most amazing quality, but they're taken with my iPhone. I either try to remember to take my digital camera with me everywhere, and try to get the motivation to upload them every day (it takes forever) OR, I can use my iPhone and just post them on my Tumblr right from said phone. Easy peasy, and I know I actually have more of a shot at finishing P365 then.

30 Days of LJ - Day 28: Your Year, In Great Detail
enid fucking coleslaw
I'm not going back to last May. Fuuuuuuck that. I'll start at the beginning of THIS year.

Rang in the New Year with Erinne. I got into a car accident and totaled my car. Since it was the other driver's fault, I got a payout and was able to buy a new Pontiac Wave, which I named Bronwen :) I was fired from my job with ServiceMaster. After a few weeks of being unemployed, I had an interview with Loss Prevention Group. OH YEAH. I was dating a guy named Chris and broke up with him on the 4th of the month. I met a guy named Mark online, who seemed super gung-ho about meeting.
Movies I saw in the theatre: Where the Wild Things Are, Leap Year, The Lovely Bones, Boondock Saint II, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Daybreakers.
Started my training at my new job, and after ten days I was officially employed. I FINALLY met Mark (on my first day of work, actually). He was great. I got my first arrest on Valentine's Day. Mark and I started officially dating. He actually took me to a movie. This was huge for me, since I hadn't been on a 'real' date in forever. Where he picked me up, took me to a restaurant, and then we held hands during the movie. It was pretty much perfect. I booked my hotel & bus trip to Calgary to see Hawksley for the first time. Saw Dear John with Janelle.
Movies: Dear John, and The Crazies.
After EXACTLY one month of dating, Mark lied to me and so I ended things. I sometimes miss him, and I hate that. I went to Calgary to see Hawksley for the first time and I FUCKING MET HIM. I went to see Electric Six with James as well, where I ran into Brett. I met Mike and a week later had the best sex of my life. No lie. And I knew I was in trouble. I saw my dad's sister, Rachel, after ten years of not even speaking to her. And I remembered why I went that long in the first place. I know I went out for dinner with Janelle a few times, and I saw Sarah as well ... but I don't remember when. I started talking to a guy (as friends) on okcupid, who had been stationed in Afghanistan for six months already. His name is Jay.
Movies: Wolfman, Valentine's Day, and She's Out of My League.
Mike and I decided to call things off because we were getting too attached, and he was planning on moving in a few months. A week later he was at my place again. And I was totally falling for him. Bought tickets to see Henry Rollins. Went out for dinner with Janelle. Saw Erinne for the first time in months. Hung out with Sarah. I bought a new iPhone, and named her Matilda. Still talking to Jay.
Movies: Hot Tub Time Machine, and The Backup Plan.
Saw Mike for the last time. Hung out with Rona, who I've known since the 6th grade but haven't seen since the 7th, and we went out for lunch. Got my ticket for the Henry show. I booked off the 28th and pre-ordered my ticket to see Sex & the City 2. Still talking to Mr. Military (Jay). He's back in about ten days and wants to take me out for dinner. I think I'll let him :)
Movies (so far): Kick Ass.

30 Days of LJ - Day 27: Your Month, In Great Detail
enid fucking coleslaw
Since I'm writing this on the 17th, I'll start from the 17th of last month, but one week at a time.

April 17th - April 24th: Went to see Hot Tub Time Machine with my mom. Bought a ticket to see Henry Rollins. I had a job interview, but I decided not to take the job. I got an arrest. Bought the new Coheed & Cambria album. Mike came over and made me fall for him even more and didn't even realize it. Bought an iPhone (named her Matilda). Visited Sarah.
April 25th - May 2nd: Slept more than any human being should (about 11 hours every night). I went to see The Backup Plan with my mom. Became incredibly obsessed with Matilda. I made two apple pies. Rented Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (and loved it). I also rented Defendor and watched it with my mom. Mike had to cancel plans one night because he was moving, but he surprised me and came over another night instead.
May 3rd - May 10th: I went to see Kick Ass with my mom (fell in love with Hit Girl). Got my ticket to see Henry in the mail. It snowed. Rented New York, I Love You. Made plans with Mike for the next week. Went out for dinner with Erinne (I bought new heart shaped sunglasses). Arrested a woman my age who had her two-year-old daughter with her.
May 11th - May 17th: I went out for lunch with Rona, and old friend from junior high. I saw Mike for the last time and I cried to the point where my head hurt. I hung out with Cole the next night, in which I had pizza that was too spicy. I pre-ordered my tickets to see Sex & the City 2 on the 28th (I'm taking Rona). Made an appointment to finally donate blood. Caught a 12-year-old who was trying to steal a $100 Visa giftcard.

30 Days of LJ - Day 26: Your Week, In Great Detail
enid fucking coleslaw
Sunday: Worked from 14:30 to 23:00. Nothing happened. Since it was the store near my mom's place, I'm sure I left my dogs there for the day. I picked them up, came home, and went to bed early since I had to get up early the next morning.
Monday: Woke up earlier than normal so I could go to the main office to hand in my reports and payroll sheets. Then I went home, walked my dogs, showered, and went to work. Worked from 14:30 - 23:00. Fifteen minutes into my shift I caught a 24-year-old women, with her two-year-old daughter, stealing.
Tuesday: Worked from 15:30 - 22:00. Slow night. Ran into a cute construction worker I've seen three times before. I need to get his number.
Wednesday: I had the day off. Slept in. Went out for lunch with Rona, a girl I haven't seen since the 7th grade. Mike came over around 8pm. We had a few really great hours together, then he left. And I cried.
Thursday: Day off. I went to my friend Cole's place. We watched The Dark Knight and he made me pizza.
Friday: Worked in Leduc, which is 30mins out of Edmonton. I was 45mins late. Awesome. Nothing happened at work. I went to my mom's place after to pick up Lilly & Silas.
Saturday: PAY DAY. I worked from 8:00 - 16:30. I went grocery shopping after work, and then came home and watched American Psycho.
Sunday: I worked from 12:00 - 20:30 in St. Albert, which is a town about 15min out of Edmonton. I arrested a 12-year-old kid. Then I came home, walked Lilly & Silas, and then talked to Michelle while watching Jarhead. Then I wrote this post and realized how fucking dull I am.

I walked Lilly & Silas, showered, and did all those other things every day ... I just didn't see a point in listing it every time.

I'm beginning to hate this 30 days of LJ thing.

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enid fucking coleslaw

I need to start taking better care of my body. Not enough sleep, too much sugar, not enough fruits & veggies ... I'm not nice to myself at all.
When I'm at work, for those 6 to 8 hours, I see men and women that are morbidly obese. And they're buying products that are only adding to the problem. Annnnnd if it wasn't for the fact that I walk for those 6 to 8 hours, I'd be headed down the same road. And that's the last thing I want.
No longer is my desire to lose weight from shame/regret over how I look - that's the difference this time. I think the reason I never achieved my previous weight loss goals is because they were for the wrong reasons. Whereas now it's just to be healthier, since I do like what I see when I look in the mirror.
No deadline, no counting calories & ultimately driving myself crazy - I'm just going to eat MUCH better than I am now and see how much that helps.

30 Days of LJ - Day 25: Your Day, In Great Detail
enid fucking coleslaw
08:00: Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.
09:00: Finally wake up after hitting snooze six times.
09:15: After my morning pee and face wash, I take Lilly & Silas for a walk.
10:00: Fed Lilly & Silas and then showered.
10:20: Watched Wedding Crashers for an hour.
11:15: Put together food for the day.
11:45: Went to my mom's (when I work out of town for the day, I bring Lilly & Silas to her place).
12:00: Drove to Leduc for work.
12:45: Arrived 15mins late. Fucking shit.
14:45: Went on my 15min break. Ate an apple & cottage cheese.
15:00: James called, so I talked to him as I went back to work. I'm not supposed to do this, but one of the great things about my job is that I sign in at whatever store I'm assigned to that day, and most managers don't even know who I am. They just think I'm another customer. So, I can talk on my cell & text to my heart's content.
15:40: Got off the phone when I realized that I had been on the phone for almost 45mins.
17:00: Went on my lunch/dinner break. I had my delicious sandwich (multi-grain bread, iceberg lettuce, roasted red pepper cream cheese, and 'chicken'), and an orange.
17:30: Went back to work. I finally thought I saw someone shoplifting, so I followed them for a bit.
18:15: They didn't steal a thing.
19:00: Realized that I was actually supposed to be at work at noon. I read my co-workers schedule instead of my own. AWESOME. I only have an hour and a half left of work and still have on break left, so I take it. Almonds & raspberry yogurt for a snack!
19:15: Back to work.
20:30: I sign out and head back to Edmonton.
21:15: I get to my mom's place and visit with her for a bit.
21:45: I decide I shoulder head home.
22:00: I get home, and hop in the shower.
22:15: I make my food for the next day.
22:45: Take Lilly & Silas for a quick walk before bed.
23:05: Get home and try to get some sleep.
03:00: Finally fall asleep. Fucking insomnia.

I live a very boring life.

30 Days of LJ - Day 23: A YouTube Video
enid fucking coleslaw
I found this video awhile ago, and I watch it on a regular basis. It's a combination of one of my favorite songs (March of the Pigs by Nine Inch Nails) and one of my all time favorite movies. How could I not love it?


30 Days of LJ - Day 22: A Website
enid fucking coleslaw
I am in love with The Cool Hunter. I've been known to stay up late just to look through more pages. It collects everything amazing/fabulous/stunning/omfg wow in music, advertisement, architecture, household objects, stores, gadgets, and so on.

One of my favorite ads posted on the site:

30 Days of LJ - Day 20: A Hobby
enid fucking coleslaw
This will sound pathetic, but my biggest hobby is watching movies. Currently I'm at 70 so far this year. That's not as much as usual, but that's because I haven't had as much time as I would like. But I will ALWAYS make sure I have money to go to the theatre, or to rent a movie. I keep a notebook with a list of movies I want to see, and I recently put an app on my iPhone that notifies me when a movie is coming out on DVD that I wanted to see.
I have other hobbies (reading, listening to music, painting, walking my dogs) but movies are what I spend the most time with.

26 movies
enid fucking coleslaw
I've been slowly but surely easing my way into the 101 things project again. One of them is to watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet. This is what I have so far:

Alice in Wonderland
Crazies, The
Fourth Kind, The
Gentlemen Broncos
Hurt Locker, The
Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, The
Kick Ass
Lovely Bones, The
New York, I Love You
She's Out Of My League
Valentine's Day

By the way, my list (so far) can be found here :)


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