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30 Days of LJ - Day 28: Your Year, In Great Detail
enid fucking coleslaw
I'm not going back to last May. Fuuuuuuck that. I'll start at the beginning of THIS year.

Rang in the New Year with Erinne. I got into a car accident and totaled my car. Since it was the other driver's fault, I got a payout and was able to buy a new Pontiac Wave, which I named Bronwen :) I was fired from my job with ServiceMaster. After a few weeks of being unemployed, I had an interview with Loss Prevention Group. OH YEAH. I was dating a guy named Chris and broke up with him on the 4th of the month. I met a guy named Mark online, who seemed super gung-ho about meeting.
Movies I saw in the theatre: Where the Wild Things Are, Leap Year, The Lovely Bones, Boondock Saint II, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Daybreakers.
Started my training at my new job, and after ten days I was officially employed. I FINALLY met Mark (on my first day of work, actually). He was great. I got my first arrest on Valentine's Day. Mark and I started officially dating. He actually took me to a movie. This was huge for me, since I hadn't been on a 'real' date in forever. Where he picked me up, took me to a restaurant, and then we held hands during the movie. It was pretty much perfect. I booked my hotel & bus trip to Calgary to see Hawksley for the first time. Saw Dear John with Janelle.
Movies: Dear John, and The Crazies.
After EXACTLY one month of dating, Mark lied to me and so I ended things. I sometimes miss him, and I hate that. I went to Calgary to see Hawksley for the first time and I FUCKING MET HIM. I went to see Electric Six with James as well, where I ran into Brett. I met Mike and a week later had the best sex of my life. No lie. And I knew I was in trouble. I saw my dad's sister, Rachel, after ten years of not even speaking to her. And I remembered why I went that long in the first place. I know I went out for dinner with Janelle a few times, and I saw Sarah as well ... but I don't remember when. I started talking to a guy (as friends) on okcupid, who had been stationed in Afghanistan for six months already. His name is Jay.
Movies: Wolfman, Valentine's Day, and She's Out of My League.
Mike and I decided to call things off because we were getting too attached, and he was planning on moving in a few months. A week later he was at my place again. And I was totally falling for him. Bought tickets to see Henry Rollins. Went out for dinner with Janelle. Saw Erinne for the first time in months. Hung out with Sarah. I bought a new iPhone, and named her Matilda. Still talking to Jay.
Movies: Hot Tub Time Machine, and The Backup Plan.
Saw Mike for the last time. Hung out with Rona, who I've known since the 6th grade but haven't seen since the 7th, and we went out for lunch. Got my ticket for the Henry show. I booked off the 28th and pre-ordered my ticket to see Sex & the City 2. Still talking to Mr. Military (Jay). He's back in about ten days and wants to take me out for dinner. I think I'll let him :)
Movies (so far): Kick Ass.


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